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My Diecast Collection Project: Toy Glossary of Terms II

In My Diecast Collection Project journey continuing from my Die cast 101- DEFINITIONS post of course I need to know what these toy/die cast guys are talking about, hence this Toy Glossary of Terms article- more for me actually..I got this mostly from tfarchive.comtoycustomz and several other web sources(I hope you don't mind...) with embellishments, of course....


LED: (Light Emitting Diode) A tiny light mainly used a lot in toys and electronics. Also very economically friendly.

LINE: A title of an entire group of figures. 
Remco's Mighty Crusaders was a small line of action figures devoted to a group of superheroes who originally appeared in titles published by Archie Comics in the 1960's. 

LOOSE: means the toy is out of its original packaging (and the leftover packaging would not be present or included with the toy)
Diecast and Tinplate Farm Tractors and assorted loose Diecast 

MIB: means "Mint in box" Most often the toy would be mint and complete and in its original box (which may or may not be sealed).

MISB: means "Mint in Sealed Box" and means the toy is still factory sealed in its original box.

MINT: toy that is complete and in package and/or completely devoid of any defect and is in pristine condition. The highest grading for a truly mint toy would be a 10.
Mint Franklin Models A thru Cadillac 

MOC: Mint on card often means the toy is mint and presumably complete, but does not necessarily mean the card is mint, or that the figure on it is still factory sealed.

MOSC: similar to above, but means: "Mint on Sealed Card" and means the card is sealed.

MISMB or MOSMC (very rarely used terms) means "mint in sealed mint box" and "mint on sealed mint card". (a very desirable pristine condition)

PLAYSET: A environment in which toys can "interact". Often based on fictional locations in a toyline. Some playsets are cardboard cut-out, or molded plastic.

PROOF OF PURCHASE: A UPC-Barcode, cut-out portion of the product, or a receipt. Can sometimes be sent out to a company to receive a bonus product, as part of a promotion.

PROTOTYPE: A model or sculpt of a toy on which production runs are based on.

PULL BACK: A motor in toys that when motion is applied by rolling a toy backward and releasing.
The Toy Car exposes the mechanical innards of the pullback motor

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Used to make a solid piece of plastic. Used in accessories and statues.

QUALITY CONTROL: Aside from ensuring safety checks take place, the process whereby an in-production toy is altered during the production run, accessories. Variants are sometimes results of quality control.

RE-DECO/REPAINT: A change in paint scheme to provide a variant. 

RE-ISSUE: Means the toy being sold was re-released by the manufacturer.
Vintage vs Reissue Tamiya R/C kits
RE-MOLD/RESCULPTED: Changing of parts on preexisting figures  to create a variant or a new character. Classics Starscream was remolded to make Ramjet.
Mini figure painter Ersico's Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head!
Kit-bashed/re-sculpted by Leviathan and cast by Eric Nilla in a super-flexible rubber

SERIES/Wave: A subset of toys in a toyline, often shipped out in the same timeframe, or same box.

SHORTPACKED: A figure that is considered to be rare because there is only one or two in a case that ships for the manufacturer.
Batman Hush Series 2: The Riddler Action Figure (Short Packed)

TOP-HEAVY: A figure that will not stand on its own due to most of the weight being in the upper portion (chest area and upwards), which causes the figure to either fall forwards or backwards and requires some sort of stand/base to be displayed on its own without human manipulation.
 Top heavy sixth scale figure of StarCraft's Jim Raynor in his signature space marine armor.

URETHANE: A hard plastic widely used for details.

VACUUM METALLIC: a type of manufacturing process where the gold or silver paint is adhered to the plastic by way of a vacuum process with a very detailed heating process at the factory, rendering the item a better quality paint job. Early attempts, specific to Transformers, would be Soundwave’s missiles in his shoulder cannon and gun or the two antennae from Shrapnel.

VARIANT: A repaint/remold of an existing figure, produced in a limited numbers to increase demand (usually having more effect on secondary markets than retailer sales.)

VINTAGE: means basically "The old ones" or "The Original"

WINDOWBOX: A box that a toy is sold in that has a cello (plastic window) through which a portion of the toy can be seen.

Diecast Cars.Models: Zil 117, Volga, Alfa Romeo, Yanka, Lada, etcNear Mint to Mint in Fair to Good window boxes, ...
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