Friday, December 19, 2014

Volkswagen Christmas Cards!

Ho! Ho! Ho!Merry Christmas  all Bug enthusiasts! Below are some Volkswagen (VW)  inspired Christmas cards for your appreciation...

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Christmas cards inspired by the VW Split , Bay , T25 and Beetle

Holiday Christmas Card - Red VW Volkswagen Beetle Bug Holiday Card - Merry Christmas to All


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Monday, December 8, 2014

Volkswagen (VW) Beetle Type 1 Wiring Diagrams and Specification

For Volkswagen (VW)  enthusiasts into VW Beetle Type 1 repair/restoration, the Type 1 Wiring Diagrams and Specifications below may be of great help as a reference: from

Type 1 Wiring Diagrams Poster-style image, suitable for printing..


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Volkswagen Airconditioning: Things to consider before installation

Volkswagen (VW)  Bugs were made to be simple, reliable, and cheap- without all of the creature comforts we are all too familiar with on newer cars- most especially  the aiconditioning (a/c) .Before actual VW A/Cs the iconic Bug used swamp coolers which have been around since the mid 1920's.

Classic Aire Swamp Cooler
The U.S versions of the Beetle (and later Super Beetle) had A/C as an option. They began the option of actual air conditioning system in the mid 1960's with the 1300cc engine in bugs (not a factory option but rather a dealer installed accessory). They were very rudimentary systems that are not worth the amount of power that they pull away from the already lacking 45hp engine.  A true factory system wasn't until the mid-seventies or there abouts. 

Air Conditioner Kit, 1958-1977 Beetle, Standard Dash Unit


There are several systems available that can be installed on a BUG which were designed to fit and work well. They aren't cheap to buy or install, but work much better than the original dealership installed and early factory system and have the advantage of easily obtained parts.

Things to consider before installing an A/C in your VW: (from ACEMAN of VWCP)

* OVERHEATING: Overheating will only get worse with A/C so this should be addressed first. An A/C will be another load for the engine so before installation make sure the engine is in top shape with no overheating problems.

* ENGINE TYPE: Preferably it's better to run A/C on a 1600cc engine and up since it can use considerable HP. Giving 5 - 9 HP to your A/C compressor will affect your engine performance if you only have a 1200 - 1300cc. It should be okay with your 1500cc.


  • Make sure your alternator is up to the task with NO major problems in the electrical system in general with no charging issues. If you already have lots of accessories installed before the A/C which your current charging system can barely keep up with, keep in mind that A/C can make this worse so this should be resolved this also.
  • Make sure you have good VW grounding with all grounding points solid, clean, and rust free.

* IDLING: It's necessary to include an "idle up" system foryour engine to maintain the correct idle RPM  when the A/C is on. Below are two ways to do this:
Fast Idle Valve

  • The fast idle valve takes clean air from the air cleaner and allows it to bypass the throttle and go directly into the intake manifold. When the valve is open, the vacuum in the intake manifold will suck air from the air cleaner and raise the idle. This valve will be controlled by the A/C compressor switch so when the A/C is on, the valve opens.
    Fast Idle Solenoid
  • The fast idle solenoid is a push pull electro-mechanical device that can be used to move the throttle and raise the idle- like an electronic finger which "pushes" the throttle arm when the A/C comes on to raise the idle which is controlled by the A/C compressor switch.

* CONDENSER: Location of the condenser is crucial to achieve the desired result. The better the condenser is cooled, the cooler the A/C air coming out of the evaporator to the interior of your ride.

* OTHERS: proper pulley alignment, sturdy brackets for the compressor, choosing the right compressor and finding the right Shop to install it for you.

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