Thursday, January 3, 2013

Volkswagen (VW) Beetle Body Dimensions, Measurements and Specifications

For Volkswagen (VW)  enthusiasts into body repair or restoration, the sources below may be of great help as a reference:

  1. Body measurements for the Volkswagen Beetle which can be a useful reference for replacing sheet metal. This was part of the forum responses from on a 1965 Volkswagen Type-1 (Beetle) D.I.Y. Project.

Added larger letters with arrows pointing to the original letters which can be difficult to see. Text translation:

a) width of the front apron measured in the area of the first fender weldnuts (600mm)

b) width of the fuel tank well between the side members (693mm)

c) width of the fuel tank well along the longitudinal direction of vehicle (368mm)

d) distance between the first and last front fender weldnuts -left side (1118mm)

e) -right side (1120mm)

f) distance from the lower weld seam of the hinge pillar to the…

g) …upper corner of the rear roof rail (1394mm)

h) distance between the hinge pillar and the rear pillar -left side (935mm)

i) -right side (937mm)

k) distance between the hinge pillar and the rear pillar -left side (924mm)

l) -right side (923mm)

m) distance between the roof rail and the heater channel at the rear pillar -left side (1049mm)

n) -right side (1049mm)

o) width of the interior between the spot-welded flanges of the side window openings around the seat belt fasteners (1203mm)

p) width of the luggage deck between the wheel wells over the spot-welded seams between the front corner of the bottom rail/transverse wall and the rear corner at the bottom rail/side/wheel well (939mm)

q) left front – right rear (1989mm)

r) right front - left rear (1985mm)

     2. Below are the spec sheets  for a standard 73 beetle used as reference in replacing the front     quarter panel, apron front and rear etc. from the


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