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VW Model TYPES: Production VW TYPE 3 (T3, TIII).

This is the fourth part on  the Volkswagen (VW)  model TYPES for newbies on the aircooled VW scene. The first was on the  VW Model TYPES Prototypes and Wartime Production Models , second on the Production VW Type Designations Type 1 , third installment is on  VW Type Designations- TYPE 2.  This is more on the  general understanding of these VW "Type" systems which would be of great help for us to understand and be understood by fellow enthusiasts but more importantly also as an important technical guide in sourcing out VW parts/numbers and to learn more about the history of the VW itself.

3. VW TYPE 3 (T3, TIII): Small Cars "Sedan" or "Small Compact"; Fastback, Squareback
Type 3 Volkswagen was introduced in 1961 in the Notchback (saloon style)

1961 Volkswagen 1500 Notchback Type 3 

and Karmann Ghia Type 34 models.
The variant models, Squareback and Fastback followed in 1962 and 65 respectively.
Volkswagen 1968 Squareback Sedan, Fastback Sedan brochure
The engine was still in the back 'trunk' part and the trunk was in the 'engine' part. The Type 34 Karmann Ghia was a Type 14 (from 1) reformatted and based on a Type 3 platform. At the end of 1967, the Type 3 ‘E’ became the first German automobile in series production with electronic fuel injection as standard equipment. While a more modern car in both design and engineering, Type 3 never reached the same level of popularity as the Beetle and the convertible models never made it to the production line.

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