Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blogging Newbie: Professional Blogging start up STEPS!

I've come to realize just now that I have been blogging for almost 3 years already! It started as a "bucket list" compliance (hence the name of this Blog) but has grown throughout these years as a passion which has resulted to four blogs already:
  1. URBI-ET-ORBI……My Bucket List Journals.- my first one "celebrating" my  midlife timeline (mid life crisis?) documenting things I wanted to do in life; more of an exploration of my personal development- hence, my bucket list- one of which of course is blogging...
  2. ODD ORBIT: News Oddities around the World- collection of odd information I picked up from the trimedia (news papers, TV and the net) which I want to share....
  3. Still the Best Medicine......collection of things I find funny: jokes, audio, videos, images- anything.....and my latest....
  4. PhP: Philippine History in Pictures- Sharing pictures of historical figures, events and moments in Philippine history.


Of course, I am not a professional blogger in the true sense as I don't actually do this  to earn money (I've earned some but of course not enough to quit my day job!) but I guess I have learned a few tricks here and there during these few years of blogging which I guess can help me level up in the next years or so.

I just want to share in this post one such invaluable resource to professional Blogging entitled "Ten Steps to Professional Blogging " by Randy Charles Morin which helped me a lot as Blogger newbie in learning more about the craft- from someone who knows NOTHING about blogging to someone who can at least properly set up a few blogs and maintain it these past years with a  modest number of visitors so far.

Here are the steps on professional blogging mentioned in the article which I still refer to every time I set up a new blog or when I post entries where I still use the article's "tag code generator" under Step # 4 (Write 1+ blog entries every day).

  1. Determine what you want to blog about
  2. Register a blog with Blogger
  3. Create a FeedBurner account
  4. Write 1+ blog entries every day
  5. Read other blogs like yours
  6. Register for a account
  7. Leave 1+ comments every day
  8. Register for an AdSense account
  9. Don't give up
  10. Check your stats and refine
Check it out. It might help you out as it did (and still doing) to me....

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