Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Volkswagen 2015 Microbus!

Remember the van or bus version of the VW Beetle most notable for being the iconic image during the "Hippie Movement"?
Microbus or Splittie
1965 Volkswagen 11 Window Kombi
1970 VW Early Bay Campervan 
The iconic Volkswagen (VW) Bus (see my previous post VW Model TYPES : Production VW Type Designations- TYPE 2.known around the world by many names (Microbus or Splittie, KombiCamper , is BACK......or is it?!




According to the with its article "2014 Volkswagen Microbus Price and Release Date" dated July 6th, 2014; it is back with the following by line in detail!:

"2014 Volkswagen Microbus Price and Release. – Introducing new car 2014 Volkswagen Microbus : a luxury sports car that reaches new heights in terms of elegance, has an elegant shape, quality, performance and this car is also very environmentally friendly. Volkswagen is one of the most popular car brands in the world. That’s why we will provide the most complete information from 2014 Volkswagen Microbus with Specs, Engine, Interior, Exterior, Review, Release Date, Price  and detailed information

Furthermore, the website We Are Surfers said the new vehicle would be available with both four- and five-cylinder engines, and even had the MSRP ($25,000) and showroom date (early 2015).
from We Are Surfers
BUT..... according to the article "Is Volkswagen planning a 2015 Microbus?", it's turning out though that there's no such vehicle and that this rumor has been floating around the Internet for a while and it just isn’t true. Volkswagen is NOT poised to introduce a new version of its legendary microbus.  The article quotes a Volkswagen company spokesperson  on this claim saying that Volkswagen did display a van-like concept vehicle, nicknamed "Bulli,"  at the Geneva auto show in 2011 and that the images being shown online may be based on that platform but was much smaller than the traditional VW van. 
Volkswagen Bulli Concept
Furthermore, the company said it has no plans to start building a new microbus.

So...which article and who do we believe now?

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