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VW Model TYPES: Production VW TYPE 4 (T4, TIV): (Sedan, Wagon)

This is the fifth on  the Volkswagen (VW)  model TYPES for newbies on the aircooled VW scene. The first was on the  VW Model TYPES Prototypes and Wartime Production Models , second on the Production VW Type Designations Type 1 , third on  VW Type Designations- TYPE 2 and the last one was on VW Model TYPES: Production VW TYPE 3 (T3, TIII).  This is more on the  general understanding of these VW "Type" systems which would be of great help for us to understand and be understood by fellow enthusiasts but more importantly also as an important technical guide in sourcing out VW parts/numbers and to learn more about the history of the VW itself.

4. VW TYPE 4 (T4, TIV): (Sedan, Wagon)."Wagon"; Models 411 & 412
While VW’s traditional rear-engined and air-cooled powerplant design remained,
a completely new engine made it’s debut with the introduction of the 411
The VW Type 4s were mid-sized, larger cars and were manufactured as sedans and wagons; first produced in Germany around 1968 and were only imported to the US between 1971 and 1974. It evolved through two generations, the 411 (1968–72) and 412 series (1972–74).
In an attempt to refresh the Type 4, the 412 was unveiled in 1972.

This was an attempt to diversify the VW vehicle lineup which  didn’t sell that well. It ceased production after only 400,000 were manufactured. The Type 4 was the last mass-produced air-cooled rear-engine passenger car designed with a usable rear seat.

The two different models of the Type 4 were the 411 and the 412
2 door sedans
4 door sedans
2 door station wagons
VW Type 4 station wagon, a 1971 or 1972 411 model

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