Saturday, September 22, 2012

Volkswagen Vintage Ads

Below are some cool Volkswagen Vintage Ads I came across with on the net:
1966 VW Beetle Print Ad With Wilt Chamberlain.
1961 Volkswagen Beetle original vintage advertisement.

A Volkswagen can't boil over. It's physically impossible. The reason is absurdly simple: the  VW's rear engine is cooled by air, not water. Since air can't boil, neither can the car. If you had to, you could drive
a VW all day at top speed through a desert. You may get steamed up, but not your Volkswagen.

1960 Volkswagen Beetle Spare Parts original vintage advertisement. There are 5,008 parts
in a Volkswagen Beetle. Each authorized dealer has them all in stock or on call.

1962 Volkswagen 23 Window Station Wagon Bus original vintage advertisement.

"Are you crazy enough for the Volkswagen Station Wagon? 8 people sit comfortably in a car that's only  9 inches longer than the Volkswagen Beetle. There are 23 windows to stare out of. The side door is almost 4 feet wide. The engine is in the back for better traction. You can expect roughly 25 miles to the gallon."

1967 Volkswagen original vintage advertisement.

Pictured are the VW Beetle, VW Squareback and
the 21-window Bus.Available in small, medium and large.

1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible original vintage advertisement.

Can you spot the druggist from Toledo? The very dependable Karmann Ghia looks like a
racy sports job designed by Ghia Studios of Turin, Italy. For a snappy $2,575, it's yours.



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