Saturday, September 1, 2012

Volkswagen Beetle Mods Throughout The Years: Part I

This is a picture gallery of Volkswagen (VW) Beetle modifications throughout the years from the net. As if the iconic German bug with the most recognizable design in history needs further design modifications; some people from around the globe still thought that the regular bug design wasn't enough. Hence, this collection  of funky, amazing, weird, VW beetle mods from around the world to make an already unique icon well...more unique! Enjoy!

Amphibious Bugs
from the  Avi_Abrams collection
from the  Avi_Abrams collection
Cross-bred Beetles

Turtle Bug
from funkiest beetle mods

Spider Bug!
from funkiest beetle mods
Bug Lobster!
from funkiest beetle mods
Boar Bug!
from funkiest beetle mods
Doggy Bug
from funkiest beetle mods

Vegan Bugs:
from dark roast blend
from dark roast blend


Volkswagen Beetle Mods Throughout The Years: Part II


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