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Scale Modeling: Choosing your first kit-specific considerations.

After evaluating the general considerations in choosing your first kit/s (see Scale Modeling: Choosing the First Kit- General Considerations) which can be applied to all types of models, there are some considerations specific to the type of subject kit you will eventually select.

1. Armor/Military Vehicles.

For the first few builds it best to avoid models with windscreens.  For newbies or even those already into the hobby, these clear parts are usually difficult to get right being made of brittle plastics which are easy to scratch or break and difficult to repair. Another newbie waterloo are military vehicles showing much interior like open topped vehicles (jeeps, half-tracks, etc.). Interior detailing takes a lot of getting used to skills wise especially challenging for a beginner. It would be best to learn first to build, paint and detail the exterior at the onset and then to challenge yourself to do the same for the interiors moving forward with your upcoming kits. It is also good advice to avoid the initial complexity of tank tracks for your first few builds and maybe try to consider wheeled vehicles first just to get the hang of it first.

This Trumpeter LAV-25 is an ideal first time armored vehicle kit generally devoid of clear
parts and  any tracks making it easier for the beginner than most armoured vehicles.

2. Aircraft
The issue on clear parts also applies to aircrafts mostly the cockpit canopy in general. It is actually especially more difficult in some aircraft types like helicopters described in one article as “glasshouse with wings”! Aircraft have clear parts, namely.  Sometimes its not only a matter on having difficulty in getting the clear parts right but there can be concerns on the fit of the clear part itself which are not that easy to fix for a newbie.  
Other newbie concerns on aircrafts are fixing wing misalignments and the paint finishing itself as it would be difficult to get to and simulate the bare or shiny metal finish on some which would be better handled once you build up more on your skills.
Note this  "glasshouse with wings" Gazelle helicopter by Heller; a definite challenge for a newbie.

3. Ships
Again, these subjects are not recommended as first time kits beginners. Among other things, main challenges for these subjects for beginners are the details of very small parts for larger ships (e.g. a battleship in 1/700th scale) and the different colour scheme challenges specially considering above and below the waterline. In addition, the riggings of the sails itself needs getting used to which can be a source of early frustration for someone new to the ship models. 
New Forces Of Valor 1:700th Scale German Battleship Tirpitz - Normandy 1944;
see the detailing challenges  this may bring to a beginner.
4. Cars / Motorbikes
Generally, these subject types are not recommended also for beginners in the craft. Apart from the same concerns on clear parts as above, additional challenges await a beginner in the hobby trying cars/motorbikes for the first time: parts made of different materials (rubber or vinyl tires, plastic tubes, chromed parts, etc.); complex paint scheme; more decals, etc.

Tamiya Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited model car kit 1/24; the different materials
used and complex paint scheme; more decals, etc.; may be a challenge for newbies



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