Saturday, July 14, 2012

Digital Photography- My "Incidental" Hobby

My natural progression into the world of digital photography was more of a consequence of or incidental to  my introduction to my other hobbies. When I started to act on my bucket list which included initially  the restoration of my Volkswagen bug and scale modelling, the natural thing to do was to share this to the world by documentation and of course sharing pictures of my work.

What was initially thought of only as an incidental initiative opened up another whole new world for me. 

My initial requirements were only to clearly capture the restoration of my 1973  VW (see my on going VW series in this blog:  "My 1973 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE RESTORATION- My Story and History"; "My 1973 VW RESTORATION: Standard vs. Super Beetle"; "My 1973 VW RESTORATION: German vs. Brazilian Bug"). I was able to handle easily this documentation as I was only dealing with big subjects amply covered by my point-and-shoot camera Canon IXUS 55 and my camera phone.
Canon Digital IXUS 55
Digital Compact Camera
 I was able to post pictures of my bug in a local Volkswagen Club VWCP forums the quality of which was okay for me at that time-of course not knowing any better. Things got a bit complicated when I started with scale modelling (see my on going scale modelling posts in this blog: "Scale Modelling"; "Scale Modelling: Essential Tools of the Craft"; "Scale Modelling: Web and Literature Resources"). What was passable blurriness with a big subject like a Volkswagen beetle was not anymore acceptable with scale model armor subjects (tanks, artillery, figures, etc.) especially with my preferred scale of  1:35. It became more difficult (quality wise) to document my scale modelling work using my point-and-shoot and camera phone, hence my foray into the world of true digital photography.

Here begins my adventures into digital photography....


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