Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scale Modeling Guide: Main Battle Tank Parts

When I started building Armor Scale Model kits for the first time, one difficulty I initially had was relating to battle tank part terminologies in my research and in reading through scale modeling fora as I was totally unfamiliar with it having no exposure at all to the military. As I was a stickler for details, I needed to know what the parts of the tank I am building which was of great help also to my general orientation to the build process.

M1A1 Abrams (USA)

Below is an overview of a Battle Tank design in general with labelled parts for your guidance. This may be a diagram of a more modern battle tank (M1 Abrams) but it is a good representative of a battle tank in general in terms of the major parts which can be a good reference material for Armor Scale modelers.

M1 Abrams

1. Periscope; 2. Gun mantlet;  3. Coaxial gun;  4. Bore evacuator;  5. Main gun;  6. Driver's optics; 7. Driver's hatch 8. Glacis plate;  9. Continuous track;  10. Machine gun ammunition;   11. Commander's machine gun;  12. Hatch or cupola;  13. Gun turret;  14. Turret ring;  15. Hull; 16. Engine air intake;  17. Engine compartment;  18. Armored skirt;  19. Drive sprocket 20. Link;  21. Road wheel.



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