Saturday, June 23, 2012

On line Business

This is my first attempt to try my hand at on on-line business. Being a late bloomer techie myself (typical of my generation),I've been wanting to do this for the longest time but never really found  the time and the courage to do so. There has always been my fear of exposing my personal information on the net but was finally able to overcome it last year. I'll probably set up another blog entry on that.

I was able to put one foot in on this business when I got to set up my PayPal account years ago which was idle for a long time. This sort of formally linked me to e-commerce which eventually led me to post at Bonanza mainly because it offers free posting.:-) Well.. so far so good. Check out my few items posted at Bonanza so far. It's mostly composed of collectibles, books, etc. from a personal collection between me and my brother. I'll make another blog post on these collections and the thorough research I made for each prior to posting...

Check out below the results on my progress on this bucket list entry. You can make me post success stories on this entry if you find items of interest to you from my on line store  :-)....:

More recent Bonanza posts:

Of course I'm getting ahead of myself with this post. I'll make some"prequel" posts moving forward on how I got to setting up my on line business.


On Line Business: Useful Web Resources

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