Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Line Business: Useful Web Resources

I am not an IT expert. I am an amateur techie guy who knows his way with and around computers through self learning and spending a lot of time playing computer games only initially then transitioning later on to hardware and software tweeking on my own. What I am good at is researching on things that I like by asking real techie guys but mostly by searching the web.

With my desire to engage in my own on line business, I of course reverted to what I do best...research. Whenever you say on line buy and sell or business what comes in mind is of course eBay. I set up my own eBay account only a couple of years ago and tried to learn how it works. I went as far as setting up my own Paypal account but managed to buy stuff only from eBay.

I continued my research though and gathered some valuable insights particularly from the following sources:

This is a very useful resource site for me. It outlines some alternative ways that people can go about generating an income, including affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, and even stock market investing.  It offers ideas like How to Make Money Trading Binary Options , How to Make Money with a Website , How To Make Money On EBay , How To Make Money Blogging , etc.

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