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2004 Volkswagen Final Special Edition (Última Edición)- a unique GIFT to Pope John Paul II.

To take us briefly away from all the news on Pope Benedict XVI's resignation; lets have a look back at one of the most popular Popes in our lifetime and a somewhat curious though more pleasant connection with another German icon- the Volkswagen Beetle.
Pope John Paul II

On May 27, 2004, Mexico City, Mexico, at the conclusion of the week’s general audience, Pope John Paul II received a unique gift: the last Volkswagen “Beetle” made in Mexico-2004 Sedan Ultima Edition - Mexico. The blue “bug” was given to the Holy Father by a delegation of autoworkers from the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico, which stopped producing the model July 30th of last year. A group of Mexican sales representatives from the German automaker brought the car to the Vatican.

The bug is still displayed now in the Vatican museum as part of an exhibit devoted to the carriages and cars used by Popes over the years which includes the “Popemobile”.

This final special edition (badged Ultima Edicion), that more significantly marks final production of the air-cooled Beetle, was unveiled on Thursday 10th July, 2003 at a presentation at the Volkswagen plant where it is built in Puebla, east of Mexico City. VW Mexico will make only 3000 of the last edition which brings together aspects of the car's 70 year history.

The edition comes in either Aquarius Blue or Harvest Moon Beige, 1.6 engine, whitewall tires, a CD player with four speakers plus chrome bumpers, trim, hub caps and exterior mirrors, Wolfsburg symbol on bonnet above handle, chrome glove box badge, colour coded wheels, tinted glass, rear parcel shelf, VW Ultima Edicion plaque.

At 84,000 pesos, it costs about $1,300 more than the typical old-style Beetle. Final production of all Beetles ended in Puebla on 30th July, 2003 after 70 years of production worldwide. Some also produced in a light Metallic Blue.

The Specification of the 3000, 2003 Ultima Edicion Beetle is as follows – (Not to confused with the 3000 Last edition silver Beetles in the UK in 1978!)
Two colour combinations on offer:
Aquarius Blue with Franell Grey interior
Harvest Moon Beige with Black interior
Moldings, bumpers, wheel covers and door handles in chrome finishing
165/80 R 15 White-wall radial tires
5J X 15 body coloured stamped steel wheels
Complete carpeting in passenger room
AM/FM stereo CD player with 4 speakers and chromed antenna
Two exterior chromed mirrors
Specific noise isolation in passenger room
Glovebox cover and dashboard inserts in body color
Carpeted lid for rear trunk
Carpeted front trunk
Special commemorative plaque on glove box cover
Complete cloth upholstery
Bags on front back seats
Map’s bag on drivers door.
Chromed VW Logo on the top and Emblem with the coat of arms of the City of Wolfsburg at the front trunk lid
Tail lights with chrome moulding


Cool Volkswagen SuperBowl commercials!

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