Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Line Business: Selling Coin Collectibles and Lessons in History

After signing up with the on line store Bonanza and having set up my own booth, I started to go over my coin collection and was able to come  up with the following coin collection items below for sale. It turned out that coming up with the individual post per item was also as much fun itself as selling  them as each coin became mini lessons in history of the country where the coin was minted. Each coin turned out to be historical snapshots of significant particular timelines per country.

I will come up with upcoming posts on coin collection/selling as well as lessons learned from each coin I researched on with short stories behind each coin.

By the way, please feel free to go over my coin collectibles for sale just in case you might be interested in some of them. I have a considerable number of highly collectible Silver and Bronze US Philippine coins from the 1900s up during the short US administration of the Philippine islands.

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